True Restoration

A complete restoration process will cost $100/per hour also depending on type of book and to what extent the complete restoration entails.

Typically a book in G-VG condition can be improved to a VF restored with excellent results. (See photo gallery).

If a book is to be considered for restoration, it is sent via insured or registered mail with a $50 check or money order so that a precise estimate can be performed. I will respond within one week as to the price of the restoration cost via email or phone.

A restoration disclosure certificate will accompany this book back to the client. It will entail methods and locations of all restoration performed. It will be dated and signed by me.

Scans are always welcomed to give a "ballpark" figure.

I do NOT grade books after the book has been restored.

I do provide Certificates of Evaluation (see Special Services).       CBCA members receive $10% discount.