Sue, I just wanted to tell you I got my FF #1 today and it is unbelievable.  I can't believe the great work that you did on that book.  I would never have thought that the book would come back looking as good as it does!  I appreciate the great work on that Susan and I look forward to doing more business with you.

6/07  Dan Lambert, Bluefield, VA

Dear Susan,  My comics arriced yesterday!  Perfect!  Your work and professionalism is always at the top.  I cannot imagine using anyone else.  My best wishes and my friendship.  

3/07  Paolo Gentili,  San Vicenzo,  ITALY

Susan,  I received my restored Catman #29 and needless to say your work is impeccable and I couldn't be happier with the result.  Thanks so much.

Mike Fahed  Los Angeles, CA  2/07 

I first heard about Susan Cicconi through an article I read in Wizard magazine back in the mid 1990's. I read of her background in regard to working with the restoration of ephermera (something short lived or transitory). The article also told of her integrity & honesty. I was so taken by this article, I decided to get in contact with her about the restoration of an Amazing Fantasy 15 that I owned for some time. It was in a G+ to VG- condition. It was a great looking book, but I really wanted it to be a comic that would be the "flagship" of my collection. her work totally surpassed all of my expectations. Since then, I have had 3 more comics that have been restored by Sue. (A couple of which you can see up on her website.) Her honesty & integrity as well as her quality of work speak for themselves. I highly recommend that if you are looking to have any comics restored - the only place to have it done is by Susan Cicconi at The Restoration Lab!

Darrell Strabala - Broomfield, CO. - March 5, 2007

Dear Susan,

I just received back the Walt Disney Comics and Stories #1 that you worked on and I was amazed at the quality!! It was much better than I ever expected...a true gem in every respect! This was especially important to me because of the value and importance of this particular issue. It is now a real "show stopper" and one of the best books in my collection! You have my strongest recommendation and if any of your customers want to contact me directly, please encourage them to do so.   Sincerely,
Kin Carmody  
  Amen! to your Manifesto on Undisclosed Restoration and Pressing.

Unfortunately, greed and avarice seems to drive the hobby these days. The art, artists, writers...all forgotten and ignored... all for the sake of one's " investment portfolio."

Keep up the good work!

Michael Naiman
  Susan's reputation, both professional and personal, is highly regarded by the pillars of the comic book community. With her classical training, her work has been admired and marveled at for two decades. Few, if any, comic book restoration experts have the experience that she possesses. But more than that, Susan's high ethical standards are instilling doses of freshness into a community where clean air is becoming hard to find. As a consummate expert of restoration/preservation/conservation, her stance on the necessary disclosure of all forms of work, to include pressing, particularly in order to discourage those who merely seek to generate profit rather than promote the love of this hobby, is an inspiration to everyone.

Mark S. Zaid, Esq., EsquireComics.com  
  Ms. Cicconi's just released policy on pressing is a real step in the right direction towards the full disclosure of pressing done not for the purposes of restoration, or for the good of the books, but for monetary profit alone. The aggressive and uncontrolled pressing of books motivated purely by greed has put buyers and collectors on red alert, and this statement from one of the most qualified and respected restoration experts in the world is a boon to collectors who feel they have a right to know as much as possible about the books for which they are being asked to pay increasingly exorbitant prices. Bravo, Ms. Cicconi. Bravo!

Brad Hamann - Collector  

Thank you very much for your stand against pressing. To me it is restoration regardless of whether or not it is detectable it has become bane on this hobby. Frankly I don't even buy the argument that it cannot be detected.

Anyway, I likely will never have the need for your services but this announcement furthers my belief that you the most respectable person in the business. I hope that you continue to prosper in your business. You provide a valuable service.

Aaron Stechesen