Just Pressing

As a cost effective guideline, books should be worth at least $500 in their present condition.

Pre-screen charges:  minimum of $5 and any book valued above $1000 will be 1% of FMV which will be rolled into pressing charges.  There is also a $5 charge to crack books out of CGC slabbed holders and $5/book per submission to CGC.

Cleaning involves simple, very light dry erasure in white areas of book, front and back covers within CGC/CBCS guidelines for Universal Label. Pressing involves local and intact pressing on covers and interior pages. Quick turnaround for more valuable books.

Golden, Silver and some Bronze Age Books.

$500 - $1000           $50/bk
$1000 - $3000           $75/bk
$3000 - $7500           $150/bk
$7500 - $10,000           $225/bk
$10,000 - $15,000           $300/bk
$15,000 - $25,000           $400 and up
Over $25,000           To be discussed


All work is performed by me.  Critical attention to detail for cleaning and pressing.

Owners receive %20 discount on grading fee to CGC and pay for postage both ways to CGC.

Contact via email or phone for any further questions. 

susan@therestorationlab.com / 617 974-1125